niedziela, 13 października 2013

The Best...

...mines boys from one direction EVER! : D


Counted in Internet a little more about this famous and very great boyband and I found a very interesting article ... Apparently the fan rushed the stage tampon XD I would laugh, and how different! : D
 I know that I write very bad English, but unfortunately so far using Google Translator: D I can out there a little English, but I prefer to be sure that this note will not contain errors : D

 so unfortunately I am :P

And finally some pictures that made ​​me laugh to tears. But they are still pretty! XD
bay ; D


My name is Maja and I created this blog for fans of band One Direction, to which also belong :)
Here you will find a lot of pictures in this group that I found on the internet : D
Yes, I am so smart XD 
 Well it is no longer boring. I hope that you will check back here often, this applies mainly fans of ONE DIRECTION!
So ... See you there!